Kula means Community

In our Yoga Journey, having encouragement from a mutually supportive group of like-minded yogis is a crucial way of ensuring the success and consistency of our efforts.

As a Yoga Family, we create a conducive environment for each other’s practice, We cultivate kindness and generosity and develop our sense of Service to community. And when things become difficult or hard, someone will in turn be your anchor and support.

Being a part of this Kula is as simple as exchanging a smile with the person sitting next to you in class.

Here are more opportunities for being a part of the Kula:

Upcoming Community Events

Other Opportunities to Give and Receive


Shared Community Library

Our small library is gradually growing thanks to the contribution of the community. Its books are available for browsing and reference between classes, but also available for loan.

To loan a book, present it to the front desk to get it checked out.

Click here to access our Library to see the availability of books and check the due dates on your loans: 


Giving Back to the Community

We really appreciate all the gestures of kindness you have extended to the School and to the Community, from gifts and snacks to share with each other, to saying hi and making newcomers feel at home, to even helping out to wipe the mats and keep the studio tidy between classes.

Here are more opportunities to contribute:.

  • Help us Expand our Library with books that will be relevant for students and teacher trainees alike in the deepening of their understanding of Yoga, Anatomy, Yogic Lifestyle and Meditation by browsing and purchasing from our Amazon.com Wishlist to ship it over to us. We also accept your used books provided they are relevant to the Library’s content.

  • Contribute to the education of a financially challenged yogi who needs a little help with the tuition fees of our Teacher Training by contributing to our 200 Hours YTTC Scholarship Fund. Contact us to know how you can do this.