Jeremy’s yoga journey began in a hot studio, packed elbow-to-elbow with thirty others, contemplating what he had done wrong to deserve this. From there, his practice evolved - from simply enjoying daily practice, to feeling the wonderful benefits to his body that yoga brought. After an injury sidelined him for one year, he returned to yoga and found his practice had changed. He now sought to make his practice also more sustainable and compassionate.

Looking to deepen his practice and knowledge of yoga, he underwent a 200-hour teacher training course with Nithya Priyan. It was then that he had another pivotal moment in his practice, and he began to see yoga as an inward journey, and experience its grounding effects on himself.

Jeremy believes that yoga is a transformation of one’s life masquerading as the transformation of one’s body, and he hopes to share his love for yoga with everyone he knows. His classes reflect his own personal journey - at times sweaty, always compassionate, with a sense of grounded-ness and most of all, an emphasis on the simple enjoyment of a daily practice.