Jhao Jin


Jin started her yoga journey about 7-8 years ago when a friend asked her to join her for hot yoga classes, which was something of an “in-thing” back then. Several years later, she discovered a gentler side of yoga through Hatha Yoga classes, and has since fallen deeply in love with yoga.

With a more focused and mindful practice, she realized yoga transcends more than physical conditioning. Every practice offers an opportunity to connect, to appreciate the moment and most importantly, to be present. In 2018, she decided to deepen her understanding of yoga and enrolled herself and graduated from Nithya Priyan School of yoga for RYS200 yoga teacher training, under the tutelage of Nithya Priyan.

With her classes fostering a calming and centered space, Jin is a strong believer in starting each practice by cultivating a peaceful mind, in order to fully experience the mind-body connection.