Lyndalou is an adrenaline junkie, very much into extreme sports with a passion for wake boarding.

Seeking a respite from whiplash, strained and tight muscles, her first yoga lesson was in year 2000, ignorant to what yoga is about or any of its philosophies, She picked an Ashtanga yoga class because of the word "cardio".
 What she felt at the end of the class, however, resonated not just with her Body, but also Mind and Soul. Since then, she never turned back.

She obtained her Yoga Alliance certification in 200 hours of techniques, practice, Teaching Methodology, Aanatomy & Physiology as well as Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics in the discipline of Ashtanga / Hatha.

As a yoga instructor, she seeks to use of her knowledge in Anatomical and alignment based Adjustments, Ashtanga sequencing and beginner Modifications to deliver positive Yoga Experiences to students.