As an inflexible guy and analytically-trained tech entrepreneur, Reza’s association with yoga initially seems like quite the contradiction. Those who know him better quickly learn that his interest in yoga runs far deeper than his forward fold.

Reza’s initial brush with yoga began in 2007, but it wasn't until 2011 that he began to deepen his practice. He was fascinated by both the physical aspect of Yoga (asanas) as well as the mindfulness practice — a holistic approach which many commercial yoga studios choose to underemphasize.  It was this infusion of body and mind wellness that made yoga so different than other exercises.

After a few years of regular practice, Reza became even more curious about the foundations of yoga and the philosophy of this ancient “seeking” practice. This curiosity led him to enroll in NPSOY’s inaugural Yoga Teachers Training program, where he completed his 200+ hours of training under the supervision of Nithya Priyan who has been, and continues to be, an influential teacher in Reza’s yoga journey.

In yoga Reza has found both a method of physical exercise, to improve strength and flexibility, as well as an effective method to improve focus and to gain further mental clarity.  Yoga allows us all to feel joy in the body and peace in the mind!