Ryan Yx


Like many people, Ryan used to think that Yoga was slow, boring and only meant for people who are incredibly flexible. He resisted trying it but after a few complimentary corporate classes held in his office, he was intrigued.

Fast forward some 3 years later, he has fallen in love with the practice, especially alignment-based ones. Limited by his lack of flexibility, the self-professed “inflexible yogi” is constantly learning ways to find comfort and calmness as he moves and stretches. That is what he seeks to share with his students too - a mindful and safe practice that allows one to push their limits while finding comfort and peace.

Yoga has certainly helped Ryan a lot, from increased flexibility, balance and strength to fighting his inner demons against anxiety and the lack of confidence. Therefore, his wish is for more people to know of and see the goodness in Yoga and realise that it need not be slow, boring and is certainly not created only for people who are incredibly flexible.