Sunitha attended her first yoga class in 2001. She fell in love with it, but after a year, the pressure to pursuit the “right corporate career” took priority. She didn’t make it back to the mat again till 2011, and has not stepped off since. She has spent the past 8 years absorbing everything yoga had to offer - both on and off the mat. She sought out training from various teachers with different teaching styles, and finally in 2017 she left that “right corporate career” behind in pursuit of her passion - sharing her deep love and appreciation for yoga.

Sunitha believes that yoga has the the power to break physical and mental boundaries if we allow ourselves to fully immerse in that journey of self discovery. Through the journey of self-awareness on the mat, she has learnt over time to develop good relationship with herself, and this in turn has reflected outwards to others around her. 

Sunitha feels that the yoga journey is a journey of self-discovery that never ends. Even after 8 years of consistent practice, she still used the mat as a safe space to challenge herself in finding that intimate balance between holding on and letting go. Through the discovery of self-awareness, yoga has and will continue to change Sunitha’s life. Her goal, through her teaching, is to guide her students through their own journey of self-discovery by cultivating the practice of awareness in all her classes.