Yuko encountered Yoga in 2012 after she moved to Singapore from Kobe Japan, as the gym near her condo happened to offer Yoga classes. Prior to that, given its generic spiritual impression, she didn’t quite feel it was something for her as a scientist. 

However, as Yuko started practicing Yoga more regularly, she realized its benefits a lot more than expected. The stiffness on her neck and shoulder, which she had suffered for years disappeared. Her flexibility and strength improved over time.  Most importantly, she noticed that she felt less stress at the end of the day, and could achieve better concentration, focus, and productivity at work. 

After her experience with YTT conducted by Nithya Priyan in Spring 2018, she discovered the joy and passion of sharing her practice with others. “People who think they are too inflexible to do Yoga, or they are too busy everyday and no time, will benefit from its practice the most” says Yuko. She puts effort in planning and preparing for every class - almost as she is inviting her guests over to her home with Omotenashi (おもてなし) spirit.

Her goal is to enable students to feel “joy in the body and peace in the heart ” out of her class, as the Philosophy of the NPSOY.