Classes: Flow

Duration: 60 minutes

Pose Complexity: Multi-level

Pace: ★★★★☆

Physical Intensity: ★★★☆☆

A fast paced practice focusing on beautiful and complex transitions from pose to pose, within the framework of strong and steady breathing.

Poses and transitions vary in complexity from basic to advanced, and options are given during the practice to suit the proficiency and fitness level of the participant. As such, flow classes are a multi-level practice where beginners practice alongside their intermediate counterparts and all benefit from this beautiful synergy, inspiring and motivating each other.

Suitable for:

  • All levels of experience seeking a faster paced practice.
  • Because of the flowing pace of this class, there is little or no time for detailed teaching guidance or explanations and the expectation is that you already have a good foundational practice in place and are familiar with the poses.
  • Flow classes are sequenced incorporating the peak poses practiced in the previous week’s Essential and Intermediate classes. This means to get the most out of the Flow class, you are ideally also attending the aforementioned classes regularly to compliment your overall practice.