Nithya Priyan


Priyan started practicing in 2008 as a complement to his meditation practice. Since then he has witnessed the healing and transformative power of yoga in his own body’s phenomenal increase in flexibility and strength, as well as his increased level of inner calm. He constantly draws from his own experiences in this rich and eventful journey to bring a maturity and peacefulness to each and every class conducted, attending to each student with attentiveness, patience and compassion.

Priyan describes his teaching as using postures to teach postures, masterfully weaving sequences together with the intention of building muscle memory and awakening body intelligence towards a deep understanding of the peak pose. As such his classes and workshops are physically intensive but also proprioception based, striking a dynamic balance between inner focus and outer proficiency.

He has a firm belief in the practice of Yoga being a priceless gift handed down through the ages with its ultimate purpose being to facilitate a realization of the True Self and awakening to a Higher Purpose through the purification of body, mind and spirit.


Samantha Zhuang


Samantha’s first foray into yoga started much like anyone else’s – a teenage couch potato looking for a workout that wouldn’t break a sweat. Ten years on, while she hasn’t succeeded at finding this holy grail of workouts, she has gained so much more from the practice of yoga that she can’t wait to share with fellow practitioners on the path.

The thing Samantha loves best about the yoga practice is its capacity to restore natural health and balance to the body and mind. As an incurable introvert and chronic over thinker, Samantha credits yoga with opening her heart and mind, helping her become more receptive, patient, empathetic and understanding of the world around her.

In 2016 she attended a month-long immersion program at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India, and returned to Singapore with her certificate to teach Akhanda Yoga. Samantha’s classes incorporate soundwork, breathwork, and brief meditations, designed to turn the practitioner’s gaze inwards, towards the inner experience of the practice away from the outward form of the asana. Expect to leave classes recharged, with deeper self-awareness and mental clarity each time.


Jeremy Lim


Jeremy embarked on his journey with yoga in 2014 as an activity to help calm the over-active mind and break away from a physically inactive lifestyle. It has since evolved into a journey of constant self-discovery, one that opens up the mind and challenges the body. Most importantly, he has experienced major transformation in his wellbeing and now finds himself more joyful and at peace with questions of existentiality and contentment. The breathing practices in yoga have also alleviated his allergic rhinitis symptoms. 

The clinician-scientist in him is drawn to teachings of yoga that are grounded strongly in anatomy and kinesiology and his teaching is guided by a keen observation of the different levels of practice and body structures. He also believes yoga is not only a physical practice but also one that connects closely to the mind. Thus, besides customising his classes to better cater to the needs of the practitioners’ varied levels of practice, he also guides them to develop a more mindful and safe practice through an alignment-based approach.

Jeremy hopes that more people could benefit from this beautiful practice. He is extremely humbled to share his knowledge and provide guidance to help practitioners progress along their yoga journeys.


Ryan Yx


Like many people, Ryan used to think that Yoga was slow, boring and only meant for people who are incredibly flexible. He resisted trying it but after a few complimentary corporate classes held in his office, he was intrigued.

Fast forward some 3 years later, he has fallen in love with the practice, especially alignment-based ones. Limited by his lack of flexibility, the self-professed “inflexible yogi” is constantly learning ways to find comfort and calmness as he moves and stretches. That is what he seeks to share with his students too - a mindful and safe practice that allows one to push their limits while finding comfort and peace.

Yoga has certainly helped Ryan a lot, from increased flexibility, balance and strength to fighting his inner demons against anxiety and the lack of confidence. Therefore, his wish is for more people to know of and see the goodness in Yoga and realise that it need not be slow, boring and is certainly not created only for people who are incredibly flexible.


Philip Pang


Philip was first exposed to yoga as a curious student in 2008 and have since developed a love for yoga and the experience in which yoga could bring. He soon realized the benefits of what yoga could offer to his experience in relieving his lower back scoliosis and the therapeutic benefits, that he soon started practicing in adjusting his body alignment.

A 200 Hr Yoga Alliance trained teacher and currently pursuing his 300Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training experience with Teachers like Ross Rayburn, Noah Maze, Christina Sell and Desiree Rumbaugh, he finds himself very drawn to the basic principles of alignment in Iyengar Yoga and Aashtanga influenced Vinyasa flow, combining the need for breath with
movement but at the same time pause on alignment in poses.

He strongly believes in sequencing practice in a progressive manner, that the body requires proper stretch and activation in order to progress further.


Shirlyn Tan


Shirlyn started her yoga journey in 2015 with an intention of trying out something new from the cardio workouts that satisfied her constant need for a sweatfest. Her practice then was very inconsistent until she was introduced to the beauty of body alignment and practicing with patience, dedication and control by her dear teacher.

Since then, she has been showing up on the mat day after day and is constantly intrigued by the amazing new discoveries about herself through the practice that taught her to simply breathe, just be and watch the magic happen, on and off the mat.

Shirlyn is a a huge believer of Sthira Sukham Asanam and strives to inspire her students to find steadiness and comfort in every pose; and push her students a little further to reveal that strength that they already have regardless of the fear they believe.


Elisa Tan


Elisa first started practicing yoga during her undergraduate years to complement her training as a competitive rockclimber in university. As she attended more classes, the concept of aligning movement and breath towards a state of flow stood out particularly to her. She enjoys the progression that arises from a dedicated practice and believe that by being committed to yoga and its teachings, anyone can attain personal growth. In the summer of 2015, Elisa undertook the 200-hour yoga teacher certification at YogaWorks, New York City. The comprehensive course was developed by founder Maty Ezraty and rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar traditions. She is a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) and have since taught various private classes and workshops in the Netherlands and in Singapore.

She believe the key to a healthy practice is through an alignment-based asana teaching that recognises the abilities and needs of different bodies. Dynamic flow sequences combining graceful movements, strength and flexibility are the mainstay of her classes. Elisa's teaching mantra is that every pose is accessible to everyone via clarity in class instruction and safe hands-on adjustments. 




Sunitha attended her first yoga class in 2001. She fell in love with it, but after a year, the pressure to pursuit the “right corporate career” took priority. She didn’t make it back to the mat again till 2011, and has not stepped off since. She has spent the past 8 years absorbing everything yoga had to offer - both on and off the mat. She sought out training from various teachers with different teaching styles, and finally in 2017 she left that “right corporate career” behind in pursuit of her passion - sharing her deep love and appreciation for yoga.

Sunitha believes that yoga has the the power to break physical and mental boundaries if we allow ourselves to fully immerse in that journey of self discovery. Through the journey of self-awareness on the mat, she has learnt over time to develop good relationship with herself, and this in turn has reflected outwards to others around her. 

Sunitha feels that the yoga journey is a journey of self-discovery that never ends. Even after 8 years of consistent practice, she still used the mat as a safe space to challenge herself in finding that intimate balance between holding on and letting go. Through the discovery of self-awareness, yoga has and will continue to change Sunitha’s life. Her goal, through her teaching, is to guide her students through their own journey of self-discovery by cultivating the practice of awareness in all her classes.




Like most fellas, Aaron’s journey with yoga began when a girlfriend dragged him into his first Vinyasa class. His first impressions? That yoga is hard. And that by the end of it, there was a certain form of release to be felt. Intrigued, Aaron soon began to embrace the practice of yoga, evolving his once-a-week habit into a twice-a-day obsession.  
Couple years (and 200 hrs) later, Aaron has since learned to apply yoga into his daily life, often using ujjayi breath to stay calm at the dentist’s or before he gets a tattoo. Aaron feels that the physical and mental benefits of yoga are undeniable. That by listening to our bodies, and bringing our awareness into our inner selves, we’re able to become more open, not only in our bodies but also in our minds. 

Aaron is a huge proponent of mindfulness — moving one breath at a time — as well as the 3-second rule and of letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you. He hopes to continue learning and sharing his knowledge of yoga with those around him, bringing joy to the body and balance to the mind of his students, which is what yoga is all about.




Hanan’s yoga journey began in 2012 when she was an undergraduate. At the time she was mostly self-taught and maintained a home practice. After she graduated from university and had a little bit more money in her pocket, she began to go for classes in studios around Singapore, experiencing different styles and approaches to yoga. Her experience of yoga underwent a complete transformation when she attended classes which emphasised breathing techniques and showed how yoga could be practiced as a moving meditation. It was through those classes that she began to understand that yoga was more than a physical exercise, and that it had great potential for psychological and emotional healing.

In our busy lives we constantly worry about the past and future and we often lose sight of the fact that we exist in our bodies and in the present moment. Hanan uses yoga to cultivate an awareness of her body and the present moment in herself, and hopes to share that through teaching yoga.




Jeremy’s yoga journey began in a hot studio, packed elbow-to-elbow with thirty others, contemplating what he had done wrong to deserve this. From there, his practice evolved - from simply enjoying daily practice, to feeling the wonderful benefits to his body that yoga brought. After an injury sidelined him for one year, he returned to yoga and found his practice had changed. He now sought to make his practice also more sustainable and compassionate.

Looking to deepen his practice and knowledge of yoga, he underwent a 200-hour teacher training course with Nithya Priyan. It was then that he had another pivotal moment in his practice, and he began to see yoga as an inward journey, and experience its grounding effects on himself.

Jeremy believes that yoga is a transformation of one’s life masquerading as the transformation of one’s body, and he hopes to share his love for yoga with everyone he knows. His classes reflect his own personal journey - at times sweaty, always compassionate, with a sense of grounded-ness and most of all, an emphasis on the simple enjoyment of a daily practice.




Yuko encountered Yoga in 2012 after she moved to Singapore from Kobe Japan, as the gym near her condo happened to offer Yoga classes. Prior to that, given its generic spiritual impression, she didn’t quite feel it was something for her as a scientist. 

However, as Yuko started practicing Yoga more regularly, she realized its benefits a lot more than expected. The stiffness on her neck and shoulder, which she had suffered for years disappeared. Her flexibility and strength improved over time.  Most importantly, she noticed that she felt less stress at the end of the day, and could achieve better concentration, focus, and productivity at work. 

After her experience with YTT conducted by Nithya Priyan in Spring 2018, she discovered the joy and passion of sharing her practice with others. “People who think they are too inflexible to do Yoga, or they are too busy everyday and no time, will benefit from its practice the most” says Yuko. She puts effort in planning and preparing for every class - almost as she is inviting her guests over to her home with Omotenashi (おもてなし) spirit.

Her goal is to enable students to feel “joy in the body and peace in the heart ” out of her class, as the Philosophy of the NPSOY.




As an inflexible guy and analytically-trained tech entrepreneur, Reza’s association with yoga initially seems like quite the contradiction. Those who know him better quickly learn that his interest in yoga runs far deeper than his forward fold.

Reza’s initial brush with yoga began in 2007, but it wasn't until 2011 that he began to deepen his practice. He was fascinated by both the physical aspect of Yoga (asanas) as well as the mindfulness practice — a holistic approach which many commercial yoga studios choose to underemphasize.  It was this infusion of body and mind wellness that made yoga so different than other exercises.

After a few years of regular practice, Reza became even more curious about the foundations of yoga and the philosophy of this ancient “seeking” practice. This curiosity led him to enroll in NPSOY’s inaugural Yoga Teachers Training program, where he completed his 200+ hours of training under the supervision of Nithya Priyan who has been, and continues to be, an influential teacher in Reza’s yoga journey.

In yoga Reza has found both a method of physical exercise, to improve strength and flexibility, as well as an effective method to improve focus and to gain further mental clarity.  Yoga allows us all to feel joy in the body and peace in the mind!