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Movement, Music and Meditation in Motion With Bex Tyrer and Seba Tierra

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Join us for this epic journey as we intelligently combine yin and yang postures to create an inner adventure of movement, music and breath. 

The sequence will be gently, slow and inspirational. There will be space for meditation to naturally arise, without force or effort.  We will be blessed with the beauty of live music with Sebatierra playing the Tibetan singing bowls and native flutes. 

This combination of pure vibration and expertly led movement is designed to energize the body whilst soothing the inner world. With the power of the innate wisdom of your body/mind and breath we have the chance to witness deeper levels awareness and open to clarity and direction.  This is a unique opportunity to experience the magic that can happen when we slow down.

About Bex:

Bex has been teaching at the Yoga Barn in Bali for ten years. She is a lover of movement, the wisdom of the body and the power of our collective nature. She is an activist, critical thinker and explorer of yogic studies. One year ago she survived a fire which severely burnt her body. In return she was gifted insight into how her intimacy with yoga could support her healing journey. Through a committed practice, she was able to recover full range of motion and a heart full of gratitude. Bex is passionate about sharing these insights with her students. More info about Bex and her work at:

About Seba:

Seba is a multi-instrumentalist from Chile. He has a rare sensitivity that has led him to dedicate his creative expression to world music and to provide a sound scape for people to feel beyond the thinking of the cognitive mind. He is able to tune into a yoga sequence and support practitioners to journey into a state of pure flow. Listen to Seba's music here: and

Unwind the Feminine: Your inner Yoga
Women’s Circle With Bex Tyrer

Peel back the layers and understand yoga from a radical new perspective: One that honours the rhythms and cycles of the female form. This is a unique opportunity to gather and share, to listen and learn, and to explore the missing gaps between yoga, our holistic health as women and the wider environmental ecology. This is an invitation to welcome the inherent wisdom and beauty of your body as a woman.

You will be introduced to:

  • The innate female siddhis, or powers, that accompany you throughout your life

  • The inner cycles of the menstrual cycle and how this awareness relates to your creativity, sexuality and natural fertility

  • How to fine tune your practice and workload to support your menstrual health

  • The Mahavidyas: The great wisdom goddess and the inspiration they provide for embracing the cycles of a woman’s life, including pregnancy, mis-carriage, post-natal recovery, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause

  • How to support yourself and your students during a yoga class by honouring a woman’s anatomy

  • Embrace a yoga that supports collaboration, a healthy body image and courage to move threw addictions

About Bex 

Bex has been teaching at the Yoga Barn in Bali for ten years. After teaching thousands of women and hundreds of teachers, as well as through her own experience, she realised that there were some missing gaps in teaching yoga to women. With the guidance of her teachers (including Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Angela Farmer and Alexandra Pope) Bex began to understand that movement and meditation could only take us so far. For a complete practice of self-discovery and collective wellbeing, an understanding of one’s  inner menstrual ecology and a yoga which reflects our resilience and stages of life is key.  

Read Bex’s article on “The Missing Lessons in Teaching Yoga to Women”

Wednesday 6 November 2019

6:30pm-8:30pm: Yinyang Workshop, $88 per pax
8:45pm-9:45pm: Women’s Circle, FREE to attend

To Register:
Contact 69090348 or email, or click the button below.

Earlier Event: November 1
Kirtan Singing Evening