In Depth: Q&A with Philip

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This week, we are featuring the ever high-spirited Philip! We asked Philip about his influences, how yoga changed his relationship with himself, and what he can never leave home without! Read more to find out about his personal experience in yoga, 10 years into his journey. 

Hello Philip! How has yoga changed your relationship with your own body, physically and mentally?

Yoga changed my life in many ways. I for one found my love through yoga. Not only has it changed the way I live my life, it has been there to constantly remind me to reflect upon myself, my actions and how it affects others in our daily lives. This itself is a 'healing' process as we begin to understand ourselves better, both body and mind. Speaking Asana terms, yoga also challenges me physically to practice in a way that I've never thought I could in the past. 

Which experience in yoga influences you mostly and why?

I've always been drawn to how the body aligns and flow with breath during practice. It is important for me to know the 'mechanics' of the body and how each anatomy is activated in order to practice safely. I'm currently completing my 300Hrs Advanced Teacher Training and am very much influenced by the Anusana teachings of UPA (Universal Principles of Alignment), without which I believe I could potentially injure myself rather than doing my body good. It also helps me better articulate it when I teach so that students can understand the benefits yoga could bring. 

How is your personal practice like? 

My personal practice takes many form, as I have to moderate and shift according to my schedule. I would usually stay behind after an early morning teaching to practice on my own. Not only is it tranquil but is also the time of the day when the body and mind feels fresh. I'm a fan of sequencing so will typically think up sequences in my head as a form of flow practice.

Share with us what the students can expect from your classes at Nithya Priyan School of Yoga! (We know your core classes can be intensive!)

Was this the feedback from students that my core class can be intense? :p I always believe in progression so that applies to my teaching as well. The body definitely need to warm up properly in order to move into a certain Asana like what this school is featuring in it's signature classes weekly. Expect to hear body anatomy and experience structured sequencing in my classes, particularly in Essential and Flow. See also a gentle side of me in my stretch class. I don't teach core now except for the recent open house, so if you liked it do request :)

Lastly, what is the one thing you never leave home without?

I would never leave home without kissing my loved ones first! This include my partner and my little girls (my dog Belli and my kitty Aashka) as I love them to bits! 


Thank you Philip!