New! Resting Conversation® Sessions


We are expanding our curriculum offerings yet again with a new class type!

Brought to you by @jeremylimyoga, the co-founder of the Internationally recognised Power and Alignment® series of classes, Resting Conversation® is a practice that focuses on being more and doing less.

It has roots in the psychological science of Relaxation, Mindfulness and Restorative yoga. This practice teaches deep relaxation and calms the nervous system. It builds awareness on where we hold tension and creates fuller and deeper breaths to soften the tension.

With repeated practice, the mind and body becomes better and better at finding this deep relaxation state so that we can come back to it whenever we want or need to.

These deeply restorative 60 minute sessions will be available for booking every Tuesday evenings at 5:45pm, and Saturday afternoons at 12:30pm starting in September!

We are immensely grateful to be one of the few studios in Singapore that have been chosen to host this! See you on the mats.