This Week In Nithya Priyan School Of Yoga : Feet Behind Our Heads!


This week at Nithya Priyan School Of Yoga, we put our feet behind our heads! Even if we can't bring our feet there yet, doesn't mean we shouldn't come down for this week's classes. It will be a week of intense hip opening work focusing on external rotation plus hip and spinal flexion, balanced with strengthening of the stabilizing muscles of the hip for a safe practice. Maybe bringing that foot into position if the time is right! See you on the mats! 

Basic Class

Lizard Pose
(Uttan Pristhasana)


Foot Behind Head
(eka Pada Sirsasana)


Wheel Pose
(Urdhva Dhanurasana)


Poses from last week's classes with the theme Frontbend - Backbend