In Depth: Q&A with Shirlyn


Shirlyn – always smiling and a super warm being who believes in challenging her students a little bit more than they think they can. If you've ever attended any of Shirlyn's classes, she tend to push her students a little further in hopes of revealing the strength that they have inside, regardless of their fear. Read the short and sweet Q&A below! 

Hi Shirlyn! What do you usually do to prep yourself for the day? 

Simple and mindful stretches. Bend, twists, folds – on the bed to shake off sleep and relieve those tightness before I step off the bed and get going!

How do you balance teaching and learning? 

Fastest way to learn is through the teaching community - ask questions, share experiences and exchange tips with other teachers! I also try to catch up on my reading and podcasts.

Which experience in yoga influences you mostly and why? 

Connecting with people from all walks of life on the mat! Be it sharing my practice or practising alongside with them.

What is your biggest inspiration to teach? 

The big smiles and sparkly energised look on the students after class! 

Lastly, where is your favourite travel destination! 

Anywhere with sun, sea and sand!

Thank you Shirlyn!