New Curriculum Track: Power and Alignment

We are expanding our curriculum offerings again!

Starting January 2019 Power & Alignment (P&A) will be offered here as a new curriculum alongside the 27 Week Curriculum.

Co-led by Jeremy & Ryan, P&A will be on Sundays: 10.30a P&A 1 (60) and 11.45a P&A 2 (75). Launch classes below:

10.30a - P&A 1 (60)
11.45a - P&A 2 (75)

Power & Alignment (P&A) is a synthesis of heart-opening yoga practices and psychological science, and goes beyond intelligent sequencing and yoga postural alignment and focuses on developing our well-being. Based on a curriculum approach, P&A incorporates a set of essential components, including an embodied practice through specific alignment principles. These components evoke a mindful and uplifting effect, guiding students towards a “work in.” Through repeated practice, the intention is for practitioners to feel empowered to navigate modern day living with an underlying sense of peace and joy.

See you on the mats!