Lightness in Inversions, Learn to Fly and Float with Ease

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Just like any other yoga pose, inversions should feel light with equal amounts of effort and ease. The work to finding that balance is mainly in creating awareness and understanding of the deep, subtle flows of energy (prana) within the body. 

This workshop explores the concept of how deep yogic locks (mula bandha, uddiyana bandha) and extension of energy (prana) in the body can create effortless steadiness in a pose. Through the practice we will work on discovering how the awareness of the breath and these elusive locks can sustain energy, ignite deep strength from within and promote a sense of steadiness - both in the body and the mind.

This workshop aims to provide you with the necessary tools in creating consciousness in various parts of the body - first through some of the key grounding yoga poses - and eventually translating that same experiential knowledge into the inversion practice.

Pre-requisite: At least 3 months of regular yoga practice

Topics Covered:

  • Breath, Bandhas and Pranayama
  • Finding Uplift (bandha & prana awareness) in Grounding Poses
  • Maintaining Uplift in Inversions (e.g.: headstand, crow pose, handstand, forearm stand)

Suitable For:

  • Those who are looking to start, or have just started, exploring inversions in their yoga practice
  • Those who are looking to deepen their practice by understanding the relationship between the poses (asana) and other parts of the yoga philosophy (breath, bandhas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana)
  • Note: A student does not need to be able to hold an inversion (headstand/handstand) to participate in the workshop.

About Sunitha

Sunitha went for her first yoga class in 2001. Although she felt a deep connection with the yoga practice at that early age, it took her 10 years to find herself back on the mat. And she has not left since…

In 2014, after 3 years of consistent yoga practice, Sunitha was still deadly afraid of all inversions – she avoided it at all cost! Finally, she realized that there was a deep irrational fear holding her back, and she decided to face it. She started going to inversion-based classes, learning not only the physical techniques, but also learning to get acquainted with the emotional discomfort that often surfaced in this gravity-defying practice. Over time, the physical effort of the consistent practice opened up a lot of mental and emotional blockages. And so the journey of inversions turned into a personal journey of finding courage and freedom. 

Despite what most people may think, learning inversions was not easy for Sunitha! It was a long emotional journey, but through that, she found that the strength in finding stability in all inverted poses comes from within. Instead of fighting against gravity, she now understands that it is more about working with it to find balance. This change in perspective helped to create a sense of lightness and ease in her practice, which she aims to share with her students.

Sunitha has studied inversions through various teachers with different styles – from the traditional Ashtanga Yoga lineage to the modern gymnastic, calisthenics & capoeira inspired inverted movements. She brings a variety of these techniques, all wrapped around the yoga philosophy, into her teaching with the purpose of guiding her students through their own journey of self-discovery.

Sunitha is eternally grateful for all the teachers before here – Marysia Do, Mark Robberds, Deepika Mehta, Dylan Werner, James Figueira, and many more - whom have guided her in her practice, played a key role in developing her own teaching style and continue to inspire her every single day.

Date/ TIme:
Sunday Sept 2, 2-5pm

Nithya Priyan School of Yoga

$78 per person

To Register:
Call 69090348 or email, or click the button below.