Root Down to Rise Up - A Weekend Workshop by Sunitha and Shirlyn


Without the foundation of Grounding, energy in the body feels scattered. Without the spaciousness of Lifting, yoga poses tend to feel heavy. Understanding to equalize the work of Grounding and Lifting can create a sense of Balance that promotes Spaciousness.

In this 2-part workshop by Sunitha and Shirlyn, you will first work on the grounding & lifting aspect of backbends and inversions postures - be it on your hands or feet - then integrate what you’ve learnt in a steady, uplifting flow.

Topics Covered:

  • Build a solid foundation with body intelligence and awareness - be it on your hands or feet.

  • Gain insights on anatomy, bandhas, essential alignment techniques and common mistakes to avoid in order to ground and lift safely in Backbends & Inversions

  • Be guided through strengthening and stretching techniques

  • Break down and practice Backbend & Inversion postures progressively with control, ease and balance through modifications - be it on your own or with a partner

Suitable For:

  • Those who are looking to start, or have just started, exploring depth and refining their backbends & inversions practice from ground up.

  • Those who are looking to deepen their practice by understanding the relationship between the poses (asana) and other parts of the yoga philosophy (breath & bandhas) & yoga anatomy

  • Suitable for those with at least 3 months of consistent yoga practice

Oct 20th & 21st 2018


At least 3 months of regular yoga practice

To Register:
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