Inversion: New Class Type at Nithya Priyan School of Yoga

20190121 inversion announcement 16-9.jpg

Beginning 8 February, Nithya Priyan School of Yoga invites you to spend your Friday evenings taking flight in a new class type.

Inversion is 75 minute duration class type formulated to supplement the comprehensive 27 week curriculum by providing a platform for guided practice structured according to the proficiency level of each participant.

It differs from classes in the 27 week curriculum in that there will not be a week by week focus or a peak pose sequence - instead of furthering the objective of a comprehensive coverage of yoga asanas, Inversion will instead revisit the same practice week after week to give you a platform for consistency and regularity in your inversion progression.

Following a short warm-up and awakening session, you will take the class to your own direction and focus, working singly or in pairs (if you attend with a partner) in self-practice, but always under the guidance and feedback of the teacher and the support of the community.

Similar to the Mysore style of conducting classes, if you are unfamiliar with inversions or need additional guidance, a progression based practice will be individually prescribed to you.

Discover the joy of practicing inversions, be it Headstands, Forearm stands, or Handstands, gaining strength, confidence and proprioception in the process. See you on the mats!

Suitable for:

Students with a consistent yoga practice of at least 6 months.

Do Not Attend If:

  • You are suffering or recovering from a physical injury that will be aggravated by or will impair your inversion practice including but not limited to wrist, shoulder or spinal injuries.

  • You are suffering from a medical condition that makes it risky for inversion practice including but not limited to low blood pressure or vertigo.

  • If you are pregnant, please practice at your own risk and only the poses that you know. Seek to learn new inversions only after your pregnancy.